Saskatchewan Population 2024

Saskatchewan is the 6th most populated province in Canada with population over 1.1 million people. Saskatchewan’s population account for 4.1 percent of the country’s population. It is home to 16th most populated city in Canada, Saskatoon. Saskatchewan’s capital city is Regina which is also one of the top 20 biggest cities in Canada. Saskatchewan is one of the thirteen providences in Canada located in south side of Canada with area size of 588,243.54 km2.

Based on our research, Saskatchewan population will reach 1,205,458 (around 1.2 million) by the end of 2024.The calculation is based on the average growth rate of 1.19% over last 12 years since 2011. We believe using the recent years’ figures (see the table in next section) will make the estimation more accurate. The estimation will adjust once Statistic Canada publishes census data.

Population Growth of Saskatchewan

Looking back last 12 years of Saskatchewan’s population, the growth rate is very consistent and strong ranging from 1.12% to 1.32%, adding around 11,865 to 13,782 people each year to the overall population. Lot of workers was moving to Saskatchewan to take advantage of employment opportunities there, which contributes to the population growth. On the other hand, Saskatchewan is a very popular city for immigrants. Saskatchewan has recorded the strongest population growth in 2013 (1.32%).

Between census year of 2011 and 2016, Saskatchewan’s population has increased 64,971 people or 6.31%, which above national average.

Year Population Growth Rate
2011 1,033,381 n/a
2012 1,046,375 1.26%
2013 1,060,157 1.32%
2014 1,072,022 1.12%
2015 1,085,002 1.21%
2016 1,098,352 1.23%
2017 1,111,349 1.18%
2018 1,124,539 1.19%
2019 1,137,989 1.22%
2020 1,150,848 1.13%
2021 1,163,980 1.14%
2022 1,177,150 1.13%
2023 1,191,260 1.20%


Demographics of Saskatchewan

According to Canada census, Saskatchewan is an extremely diverse city, with a huge number of ethnic and cultural groups living there. According to 2011 census, most commonly ethnic origins include: the largest ethnic group in Saskatchewan is German (28.6%), followed by English (24.9%), Scottish (18.9%), Canadian (18.8%), Irish (15.5%), Ukrainian (13.5%), French (Fransaskois) (12.2%), First Nations (12.1%), Norwegian (6.9%), and Polish (5.8%).

In terms of language, according 2016 census, most spoken languages in Saskatchewan are as follows: English (82.4%),French (1.4%),Other language (14.5%) and Multiple (1.7%).

According 2001 census date, the religious makeup of Saskatchewan is: Christian(41.90%), No religious affiliation(30.60%), Sikh(1.40%), Buddhist(1.30%), Muslim(3.10%), Hindu(1.1%).

Population Density of Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan’s population density is 1.90 people per kilo square meter.

Most Populated Cities in Saskatchewan

Based on 2016 Cesus data, here are the most populated cities in Saskatchewan. Canadian Statistics classify them as population are which requires population greater than 1,000 and population density not less than 400 people per square km2. Montreal is by far has the most population compared with other cities in Saskatchewan.

Rank City 2016 Census
1 Saskatoon 245,181
2 Regina 214,631
3 Prince Albert 35,102
4 Moose Jaw 32,724
5 Lloydminster (AB/SK) 31,400
6 Yorkton 16,041
7 Swift Current 16,022
8 North Battleford 13,567
9 Estevan 11,258
10 Warman 10,961
11 Weyburn 10,679
12 Martensville 9,533
13 Melfort 5,778
14 La Ronge 5,671
15 Meadow Lake 5,266
16 Humboldt 4,872
17 Flin Flon (MB/SK) 4,791
18 White City 4,234
19 Melville 4,127
20 Nipawin 3,989

Facts About Saskatchewan

  1. Saskatchewan is a landlocked province with long distances to the moderating bodies of water.
  2. The western red lily was selected as the official flower of Saskatchewan in 1941.
  3. In 1988, the white birch was adopted as the official tree of Saskatchewan.
  4. Saskatchewan sits in the western half of Canada and has a peculiar form in that it meets longitude and latitude axes, giving it a geometric shape.
  5. There are more roads in Saskatchewan than any other Canadian province with 26,000 km of highways throughout the length and breadth of the province.
  6. Regina, Saskatchewan is home to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), with each and every recruit spending their training time in the city before being deployed anywhere and anywhere throughout Canada.
  7. Spectacular sunshine is almost expected in Saskatchewan, because it is the sunniest location in Canada with more than 2,000 hours of sunlight a year.
  8. Saskatchewan was built on multiculturalism and still thrives today; after English and French, the most spoken language in Saskatchewan is now Tagalog, surpassing German and Cree in the last 7 years.


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